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We love our stay at your hotel!

On Demand Services available, with 2 days notice.

Payment due at time of service and require a credit card on file.

Our goal is to strive for perfection.....

In providing your hotel with a outsourced housekeeping options that seamlessly integrates with your brand, standards and image.  Our room attendants are trained thoroughly by our supervisors, who have years of hands on experience and training.

Hotel Housekeeping

Pre-Booked / On Demand Room Attendants

We provide Housekeeping, room attendant's when you need extra assistance, due to sick calls, vacation time, shortage of staff, or fluctuating occupancy levels. Book Your On Demand as early as possible to ensure you have the housekeepers when you need them.. For the times when you really need help we have you covered. FM Custom Cleaning's pre-booked housekeeping service's are on a first come/ first serve basis with a minimum of 4 hours per housekeeper required. All On Demand services are due at time of service, and require a credit card on file prior to sending housekeepers to your location..

Standby services available at a flat rate per housekeeper for the times you just don't know.

Rest easy knowing we are here for you and your guests.


Pre-Booked Laundry Attendants

Depending on In-House laundry?, It is imperative that your linens and towels are ready to go, and continue to get done. We can assist in those times of need, from washing, drying and folding we will have the housekeeping staff on there way, not standing and waiting for laundry. Guests like their rooms done earlier rather then later, and to avoid having your guests wait to get checked in partner with us. Routine laundry attendants also available through peak season. 

We’ve loved every minute of our journey to be able to offer permanent solutions to our hospitality clients!


Peak Season Routine Housekeeping

We understand that there are peak seasons and there are quieter times. Through those peak seasons when occupancy levels are high you need the extra room attendants. By partnering with us, you reduce your training, staff turnover and costs associated with hiring to find out after a week they decided the job was not for them, which becomes frustrating for other team members. Our supervisors train our room attendants on your standards and expectations at no cost to you. If one of our team members is not a good fit for your location, or is unable to work we ensure you have a replacement. Eliminate your housekeeping hassle's through peak seasons each year and let us help you sail through with ease, and create a happy and relaxed work environment for yourself and core staff..

Room Attendants

Contract Outsourced Housekeeping

By using FM Custom Cleaning as your contract cleaning provider, you will experience a high standard of cleaning, professionalism, cost savings, along with reliability and flexibility, so you can concentrate on your business. Our team provides a full service housekeeping solution for your hotel. We take care of all your room cleaning, on s​ite laundry, common area's, provide experienced supervisor's who will ensure our team members are meeting your standards day in and day out. As a contract cleaning provider it is imperative to us that we surpass your expectations, provide a consistent high quality of cleanliness, that will benefit our clients and reflect our image and standards. We take pride in what we do, and it matters to us.

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